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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishargonar‧gon /ˈɑːɡɒn $ ˈɑːrɡɑːn/ noun [uncountable]  HCCa colourless gas that is found in very small quantities in the air and is sometimes used in electric light bulbs. It is a chemical element: symbol Ar
Examples from the Corpus
argonSome neon and argon is probably present as well.The technique allowed him to measure the ratios of two elements, potassium and argon.In this case, it is the formation of the rock through volcanic activity, which drives off any argon formerly present.The ratios change over time as potassium undergoes radioactive decay and emits argon gas.The remaining 11 % of the 45K atoms decay to form the inert gas argon, 40Ar.Physical trapping is likely to be about as effective for neon, argon and krypton.The first is to generate the molecules as gases, mix them with a large amount of argon and freeze the mixture.Titan is unique in having a thick atmosphere made mostly of nitrogen, with some methane and possibly argon.