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goldgold2 ●●● S3 W3 adjective  1 HCMmade of goldgold watch/chain/ring etc2 CChaving the colour of gold a gold jacketgolden
Examples from the Corpus
goldMrs or Mme Wyatt wore patent-leather shoes and a smart brownish suit with a gold brooch.At her girdle hung a gold chain and cross, and she carried a handkerchief and a little prayer book bound in gold.Did you see these gold chokers?That means gold lace, two epaulettes with gold bullion on each and blue cushions.gold nail polisha gold necklaceSilk tie, £55, silver and gold sun cufflinks, £295, blue and gold fountain pen, £105, Gucci.gold watch/chain/ring etcOne was Jim's gold watch.There was a turquoise stone set in a pendant and hanging from a fine gold chain at Debbie's throat.He took his gold watch out of his waistcoat pocket and snapped it open.She had abandoned the huge earrings for dainty gold studs and wore a fine gold chain round her neck.She looked cool and rested in a white dress with a chaste gold chain round her throat.Her small gold watch showed almost noon when she awoke, refreshed and ravenous.The gold chains were gone now, too.The attackers stole over £200 in cash and a gold chain which the victim was wearing.