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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishisotopei‧so‧tope /ˈaɪsətəʊp $ -toʊp/ noun [countable] technical  HCEone of the possible different forms of an atom of a particular element (=simple chemical substance)
Examples from the Corpus
isotopeThiemens said that it might even be possible to apply the effect to enrichment of certain isotopes.There is also a section on isotope dilution analysis.Woodhead etal. combine such analyses with oxygen isotope analyses, and it is variations in the latter that are particularly significant.Electricity produced by radioactive isotopes, strontium 90, polonium 210, by thermoelectric energy conversion.Asteroids contain a variety of rare radioactive isotopes of potassium, uranium, thorium, rubidium, and so on.Uranium has two radioactive isotopes, each of which decays to an isotope of lead and helium.The isotopes give off long-lasting alpha radiation and the waste will remain dangerous for 3000 years or more.But by looking at the levels of various isotopes, geochemists can group the rocks that have similar deep-earth origins.