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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplatinumplat‧i‧num /ˈplætənəm/ noun [uncountable]  1 HCMa silver-grey metal that does not change colour or lose its brightness, and is used in making expensive jewellery and in industry. It is a chemical element: symbol Pt a platinum ring2 if a music recording goes platinum, at least a million copies of it have been sold Eight of Denver’s albums went platinum. a platinum disc
Examples from the Corpus
platinumI thought if they were stars, they would be selling gold and platinum albums.Fourteen of his albums went gold and eight platinum.My hair is platinum, like Gemma's but shorter, finger-curled.Broken Hill has a large new platinum mine there.An outer cylinder of platinum was used as the anode, with a rod of palladium on its axis as the cathode.There can be few facts about the history of the platinum metals which can not be found here, in attractive form.President of the Institute of Metals in 1938-40, he was awarded their platinum medal in 1941.went platinumMain Course went platinum and generated amazing amounts of black radio play.Fourteen of his albums went gold and eight went platinum.