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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishzinczinc /zɪŋk/ noun [uncountable]  HCMa blue-white metal that is used to make brass and to cover and protect objects made of iron. It is a chemical element: symbol Zn
Examples from the Corpus
zincThese include lead and antimony, nickel, manganese and zinc, and bismuth and iron.Another doctor, 37 Edwin Schultz of Stanford, thought the compound zinc sulfate could do the job better.In the Somogyi-Nelson procedure, barium hydroxide a d zinc sulfate are used to precipitate proteins.A major restriction in the cementation brass-making process was the limited amount of zinc which could be introduced into the alloy.Microscopic examinations show that crystals of zinc are embedded in the eutectic mixture.So far, he said, there is no evidence that zinc prevents colds, only that it may reduce their severity.Bronze An alloy made up mainly of copper and tin, but with zinc and lead often added.Any vulnerable parts should be treated with zinc oxide plaster, so the skin hardens overnight.