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health and safety in Employment topic

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhealth and safetyˌhealth and ˈsafety noun [uncountable]  BEan area of government and law concerned with people’s health and safety, especially at work health and safety regulations
Examples from the Corpus
health and safetyTrade unionists' advice and explanations concerning such issues as health and safety are invaluable in this context.In the developed world we need to crack down hard on workplaces that break health and safety regulations.An investigation has been launched by health and safety officials.We note, however, that this figure is extremely high, considering the amounts spent in other health and safety areas.The few exceptions involved such activities as language teaching and protection of rights, health and safety.You can be involved at every level, from Board level to issues relating to health and safety for employees.Although regulations relating to health and safety have a long history, the sweep and scope of the new powers are unprecedented.Evidence of direct concern is the voluntary contributions people make to research organizations concerned with health and safety.