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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjob centreˈjob ˌcentre noun [countable]  BEa place run by the British government, where jobs are advertised and training courses are provided for people who are looking for work
Examples from the Corpus
job centreSeeking the assistance of the local job Centre and of the nursing consultant employed by the Manpower Service Commission.Meanwhile, back at the job centre the search for work isn't going well.They've been advertising for more than six weeks ... at the job centre in the local papers and on the radio.Male speaker Every day I looked for jobs at other window companies, the job centre and in local papers.And what jobs there are are not even for Darlington there are even some advertised for Whitehaven in the job centre.And they can travel down to the job centre - in vain.The job centre staff are doing all they can.And he says it took all his strength to make the journey from church to job centre.