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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnepotismnep‧o‧tis‧m /ˈnepətɪzəm/ noun [uncountable]  BEUNFAIRthe practice of unfairly giving the best jobs to members of your family when you are in a position of power allegations of nepotism and corruptionnepotistic /ˌnepəˈtɪstɪk◂/ adjective cronyism, → jobs for the boys at job(16)
Examples from the Corpus
nepotismNepotism is an old story in Hollywood Circles.Berri also criticized the government for excessive secrecy and nepotism.Through successive administrations, corruption, nepotism and fiscal mismanagement remained the order of the day.As if to prove the point, some of those crying nepotism loudest are themselves close members of the family.N.-run trials are suffused with tensions that spring from allegations that include nepotism, cronyism and mismanagement of resources.Some senior executives have been accused by minority shareholders of mismanagement, nepotism, and of presiding over asset-stripping.He resigned, amid rumours of nepotism.Unashamed nepotism ensured that one of the boys became Archbishop of St Andrews while still a minor.Jobs in the state sector are allocated by examination, but in reality the system is riddled with nepotism and clientism.The city government throbbed with nepotism, malfeasance and awesome abuse of public money and facilities.