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operativeoperative2 noun [countable]  1 BEWORKERa worker, especially a factory worker – used in business the company’s overseas operatives2 PGSPYsomeone who does work that is secret in some way, especially for a government organizationCIA/FBI/intelligence etc operatives
Examples from the Corpus
operativea CIA operativePayment on this basis is related to hours of attendance and does not encourage operatives to increase their productivity.They want to use a customised version to help their overseas operatives communicate home and browse without blowing their cover.Sometimes professional political operatives come in for a chat, Warlick said.factory workers and similar operativesThe former system involved the operative having to attach more than 20 bands at a time to hold a mould in position.Then the operatives are more likely to make mistakes when set-ups are constantly changing, and that leads to increased wastage.Management may need to provide encouragement and at worst assistance to operatives in the completion of time sheets.Some companies routinely bring in undercover operatives every six to 12 months, Kimmons said.CIA/FBI/intelligence etc operativesSeven received lesser jail terms and three defendants, all intelligence operatives, were acquitted.Students leafleted public gatherings, covered walls with anti-government graffiti and distributed phony news articles written by CIA operatives.Covered by the confusion and noise of maneuvers, CIA operatives would stash weapons and equipment.He joined Rakovsky's select team of young Intelligence operatives.