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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoverseero‧ver‧seer /ˈəʊvəsɪə $ ˈoʊvərsiːər/ noun [countable]  BEIN CHARGE OFsomeone who is in charge of a project, group of workers etc, and who makes sure that the job is done properly syn supervisor
Examples from the Corpus
overseerThat is, he was more often issuing summonses on behalf of than against overseers.Yet the general staff of overseers is small, only about 40 employees, supplemented by local officials in 94 judicial districts.Sir I am the present overseer but these things was before I came to the Parish.The Pasha's overseer struck my father.If in his new post as security overseer he can reduce crime, well and good.He was the overseer on the roads?What is produced is a herd of predominantly submissive and passive humans who are easily managed for the benefit of their overseers.Tidy team: Langbaurgh's cleansing squads in their new uniforms will have a group of young overseers on their rounds today.