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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishqualificationqual‧i‧fi‧ca‧tion /ˌkwɒlɪfɪˈkeɪʃən $ ˌkwɑː-/ ●●○ W3 noun  1 SEBE[countable usually plural] if you have a qualification, you have passed an examination or course to show you have a particular level of skill or knowledge in a subject He left school without any qualifications.qualification in We are looking for graduates with qualifications in maths or science.2 [countable usually plural]SEBE a skill, personal quality, or type of experience that makes you suitable for a particular job or positionqualification for health and fitness qualifications for membership in the Territorial Armyqualification to do something There have been questions about his qualifications to lead the company. Does he have the right qualifications to become a Supreme Court Justice?3 [uncountable] when a person or team reaches a necessary standard, for example by passing an examination or defeating another team Upon qualification, you can expect to find work abroad fairly easily.qualification for the US qualification for the World Cup4 [countable, uncountable]ADD something that you add to a statement to limit its effect or meaning syn reservation I welcome without qualification the Minister’s proposal.COLLOCATIONSverbshave a qualification (also hold a qualification formal)You don't need to have any qualifications for this job.lack qualifications40 percent of the prisoners lack any qualifications.get a qualification British English (also gain/obtain a qualification formal)I want to get the qualifications so that I can become a doctor.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + qualificationacademic qualificationsEva had excellent academic qualifications.educational qualificationsToo many children leave school without any educational qualifications.a teaching/medical/legal etc qualification British English:She has a degree and a teaching qualification.a professional qualification British English (=one relating to a professional job, such as a teacher, lawyer etc)A professional qualification in accountancy would be an advantage.a vocational qualification British English (=one relating to a skilled job, such as a nurse or a builder)You can study for a vocational qualification in the tourism industry.formal qualifications (=official qualifications rather than experience)He has no formal qualifications.paper qualifications British English often disapproving (=documents showing that you have passed exams, rather than actual experience of doing something)We often find that paper qualifications are no guide to ability.a recognized qualification (=one that is accepted by people as good)Trainees can work towards a recognised vocational qualification.good/excellent qualificationsGood qualifications are a passport to success.
Examples from the Corpus
qualificationShe left school at 16, with no academic qualifications.Simply having served in the conservatives' version of Camelot is seen as qualification enough to serve again today.The authors conclude that universities can have confidence in admitting carefully selected mature students even if they lack formal entry qualifications.One important qualification is life experience and sensitivity to the ideas of justice in different communities.Zabriskie is a political newcomer with impressive qualifications.A nationally recognised qualification should be awarded on successful completion of a validated course.There may, for instance, be a requirement to join together lecturers of a similar qualification or age group.The two-year course leads to a teaching qualification.Both staff had first degrees plus teaching qualifications.In true Celtic fashion, physical strength and absence of blemish would be the qualification of a king.Bryant always says what he means, without qualification or evasion.List your qualifications in the space below.qualification forBanks require different qualifications for borrowing money.Several senators questioned his qualifications for the Supreme Court.The team ensured its qualification for the finals with a win over Kennedy High.