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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquitquit /kwɪt/ ●●○ S3 verb (past tense and past participle quit, also quitted British English, present participle quitting)  1 [intransitive, transitive] informalBELEAVE A SCHOOL OR COLLEGE to leave a job, school etc, especially without finishing it completely He quit his job after an argument with a colleague. I quit school at 16. She has decided to quit show business. People are now calling on the chairman to quit.2 [intransitive, transitive] especially American EnglishSTOP DOING something to stop doing something, especially something that is bad or annoyinggive up The majority of smokers say that they would like to quit the habit. Quit it, Robby, or I’ll tell mom! We’ve done what we can. Let’s quit.quit doing something He’s been given six months to live if he doesn’t quit drinking. I wish you’d all quit complaining.see thesaurus at stop3 [intransitive, transitive] British English law to leave a house or apartment that you have been renting The landlord gave them notice to quit the premises within seven days.4 be quit of something5 [transitive] formalLEAVE A PLACE to leave a place It was ten years since he had quit Russia.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
quitIf you've smoked for a long time it can be very difficult to quit.She quite her job and went traveling in South America.She was having a lot of trouble finding a job, but she refused to quit.James faced such intractable problems that after a few months he nearly quit.Bill was cold, hungry and tired and he wanted to quit.I've had enough of the way I'm treated here -- I quit!They want United's Directors to quit after United's fifth defeat in six games.Harkness quit as director of the Olympic Regional Development Authority soon afterwards.I wish he'd quit bothering me.I quit cold turkey some 25 years ago, but the specialists simply shrug off this kind of information.They should quit complaining and just get on with their job!They told me at the hospital to quit drinking for a while.Quit fooling around and pay attention.Guitarist John Frusciante quit, mid-tour, citing exhaustion.That kid just never quits moving.Four or five people have either quit or been fired.I've always regretted quitting piano lessons.I quit taking the pills because they were making me put on weight.With the computer business still in the doldrums, Ahmadi quit that to help his wife run the hair accessory business.Quit that! You're driving me crazy.And she blasted Tory plans to force more schools to quit town hall control.I knew I'd never be any good at school, so I just quit trying.quit doing somethingQuit treating me like I'm a baby.I quit smoking two years ago.notice to quitThey do not give anyone a notice to quit.Tenants who refuse to accept leases are given notice to quit and find themselves on the streets after years of loyal service.The tenants have been given a year's notice to quit and they face the loss of their livelihood and homes.There Gandhi was served with an official notice to quit Champaran immediately.Court proceedings and eviction A notice to quit does not always mean you have to leave.Fifpro says footballers should be able to give three months notice to quit, like most other employees.It then gave her notice to quit the temporary accommodation, and offered her alternative accommodation elsewhere which she refused.The landlord served an invalid notice to quit which does not affect the situation.