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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishretireere‧tir‧ee /rɪˌtaɪəˈriː $ -ˌtaɪˈriː/ noun [countable]  American EnglishBEOLD/NOT NEW someone who has stopped working, usually because of their agepensioner
Examples from the Corpus
retireeA 1988 Gallup survey indicated that active retirees registered fewer sleep complaints than those who were less active.Spending by tourists and retirees and an influx of new industry along the South Carolina coast are fueling much of the gain.Federal retirees would make a difference in close races in many sunbelt state congressional districts as well as Maryland and Virginia.Well-heeled retirees bound for Miami, with reservations in the sleeper car, went east along the fence.But for most retirees, acquiring unconditional non-resident status can take up to three years.Pension checks are chronically late reaching retirees.This was no longer a slightly eccentric seaside retiree with a portfolio of amusing tricks.But he went out of his way to keep peace with retirees.