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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-employedˌself-emˈployed adjective  BEWORK FOR somebodyworking for yourself and not employed by a company a self-employed plumber pension plans for the self-employed (=people who are self-employed)self-employment noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
self-employedThis is a year when you could realise the attractions of being self-employed.The government gives generous tax allowances to the self-employed.Homeowners and mortgage payers may borrow without proof of earnings - including self-employed.Most fashion models are self-employed, and find work through agencies.Martin is a self-employed builder.The self-employed businessman brings his son to the Discovery Zone in West Hills almost daily.The future employee-development program is going to be much more like a program for self-employed entrepreneurs than a program for jobholders.I've been self-employed for over 10 years.Kerry is a self-employed graphic designer.He is a self-employed music teacher.As from July 1988, however, the rules for self-employed pensions were also altered to bring them in line with personal pensions.This applies particularly to self-employed persons.The paper also considers the possibility that the self-employed should prepare tax accounts for the tax year.You can bounce ideas off them and benefit from their expertise, as they have often been self-employed themselves.