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shiftshift2 ●●○ AWL noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 CHANGE YOUR MINDa change in the way people think about something, in the way something is done etcshift from/to πŸ”Š the shift from one type of economic system to anothershift in πŸ”Š an important shift in policy πŸ”Š a marked shift (=noticeable change) in attitudes towards women2 a) BEJOB/WORKif workers in a factory, hospital etc work shifts, they work for a particular period of time during the day or night, and are then replaced by others, so that there are always people workingdo/work a (10-/12-/24- etc hour) shift πŸ”Š Dave had to work a 12-hour shift yesterday. πŸ”Š I work shifts.night/day etc shift πŸ”Š The thought of working night shifts put her off becoming a nurse.early/late shift πŸ”Š I’m on the early shift tomorrow.shift work/worker/working πŸ”Š people who do shift work πŸ”Š A shift system has been introduced. b) WORKERGROUP OF PEOPLEthe workers who work during one of these periodsnight/day/early/late shift πŸ”Š before the early shift goes off duty3 TDa shift key πŸ”Š To run the spell-checker, press SHIFT and F7.4 (also shift dress) a simple straight loose-fitting woman’s dressCOLLOCATIONS – Meaning 1: a change in the way people think about something, in the way something is done etcADJECTIVES/NOUN + shift a big/major shiftThere has recently been a big shift in the way people are accessing information. a significant/marked shift (=big and noticeable)There has been a significant shift in government policy on education.a fundamental shift (=a complete change)A fundamental shift in attitudes was underway.a sudden shiftShe immediately picked up his sudden shifts of mood.a dramatic shift (=a big and sudden change)Increased spending on the armed forces marks a dramatic shift in priorities.a small/slight shiftThere has been only a slight shift in income distribution.a gradual shiftThere has been a gradual shift in people’s attitudes towards cars.a subtle shift (=a change which is small and not easy to notice)Recently there has been a subtle shift in public opinion about the environment.a policy shiftThe policy shift was triggered by a sharp increase in violent crime.a cultural shiftWe all know there were cultural shifts in the 1960s that significantly changed our society.verbsmark/represent a shiftThe idea represents a dramatic shift in health care policy.cause/bring about a shiftThe affair has brought about a shift in the government’s attitude towards immigration.COLLOCATIONS – Meaning 2: verbswork a shiftThey work quite long shifts.do a shiftI did a 12-hour shift yesterday.work in shiftsWe had to work in shifts – four hours on and four off.be on shift (=be working a shift)He hardly sees the kids when he’s on shift.be on the late/early/night etc shift (=be working a particular shift)She’s on the late shift.be on day/night shifts (=be working a series of day or night shifts)He’s on night shifts all next week.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + shift a night shiftShe found it hard to stay awake during her night shifts at the factory.a day shiftHe’s going to be on day shifts for five days.a morning/afternoon/evening shiftAll the machines are cleaned at the end of every afternoon shift.an early/late shiftNobody wants to do the late shift.a 12-hour/16-hour etc shiftWe used to work eight-hour shifts.the graveyard shift informal (=a shift that begins late at night or very early in the morning)He chose to work the graveyard shift because the pay was slightly better.a double shift (=when someone works two shifts one after the other)He is only halfway through a 20-hour double shift.shift + NOUNshift work/working (=working shifts)Does the job involve shift work?a shift workerThe meetings are at different times so that shift workers have an opportunity to attend.a shift system (=a system in which people work shifts)A shift system was introduced in the department last year.
Examples from the Corpus
shiftβ€’ The new emphasis on human rights was a shift away from the policies of Nixon.β€’ There has been a big shift in attitudes towards sex during the past 50 years.β€’ The circuit of a 2-bit shift register is shown in Fig. 18.β€’ It required six technicians to operate it on each shift.β€’ With the end of the medieval period, however, a gradual shift in viewpoint took place.β€’ The great shift toward less fatty beef and more chicken is a great, heart-healthy move.β€’ At Ellesmere Port a foreman and seven fitters run a 24 hour operation in two main shifts.β€’ We've seen a marked shift in our approach to the social issues.β€’ But what kind of shift is involved?β€’ He is very worried about the shift towards free market thinking in Eastern Europe.β€’ Members of all three shifts were milling about the circular room: repeating rumours, distorting facts and generally hyping themselves up.shift from/toβ€’ A shift to the afternoons may end his nine-cups-of-coffee wake-up habit.β€’ The orchestra swells and the canopy shifts to a subtle blue as its 2 million lights come alive.β€’ If the question of control shifts from project planning to implementation, however, the federal role appears to be greater.β€’ The nature of competition has shifted from the war of all against all to competition between fluid networks of complementary companies.β€’ a major shift from manufacturing to service industriesβ€’ The numbers shift to the left because the tab-align code is still in the text. 6.β€’ Also practise the position shift from low to high and back.β€’ The Boston economy expanded rapidly during the 1970s and the shift from a manufacturing to a service base accelerated during that time.β€’ Still, the shift from slave to non-slave labour was striking.do/work a (10-/12-/24- etc hour) shiftβ€’ In the early 1950s Highlander work shifted to make educational programs on the civil rights issue its major priority.β€’ Her husband worked shifts so evening study would be difficult.β€’ I am a nurse working shifts and enjoyed, and needed, early nights and morning lie-ins.β€’ Our 68 staff work 12 hour shifts giving a 24 hour service.β€’ People who do shift work often choose far longer hours than the basic hours that the Labour party would have them work.