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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworking papersˈworking ˌpapers noun [plural]  BEan official document that you need in the US in order to get a job if you are young or were born in a different country
Examples from the Corpus
working papersWhat does a more detailed examination of the proposals in Working for patients and the accompanying working papers reveal?Of course the actual procedures to which the document or records were subjected would be recorded in the audit working papers.The documents appear to have been working papers that were used for setting price caps for the authorities.The quality of research is assessed by a thesis of publishable standard, working papers, seminar presentations and by vivavoce.This discussion paper considers points made in the Review and in the working papers.The working papers develop some of the organisational and management implications of proposals in the Review.Their report was published in 1985, and consists of a summary report and two working papers.We must go through the woods and fields on foot as far as St Maxime where we will pick up working papers.