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Topic: Engineering

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishengineeringen‧gi‧neer‧ing /ˌendʒəˈnɪərɪŋ $ -ˈnɪr-/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun [uncountable]  BOTEthe work involved in designing and building roads, bridges, machines etc civil engineering, genetic engineering
Examples from the Corpus
engineeringThe investigation showed that the pollution probably derived from an engineering works that closed some 15 years ago.It is a widespread phenomenon, not restricted to nuclear power or genetic engineering.For them aircraft represent only a small part of their huge engineering and shipbuilding businesses.You should, ideally, have a degree in engineering or science.And the engineering marvel turned out to be a slow-motion natural disaster.It is another aspect of the engineering profession that is highly influenced by gender.So as an aircraft came out of the engineering wing I gave it a test.Curiously, this engineering approach had its origin in the study of plant growth.