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engineerengineer2 verb [transitive]  1 PLANto make something happen by skilful secret planning powerful enemies who engineered his downfall Perhaps she could engineer a meeting between them?2 to change the genetic structure of a plant, animal etc syn genetically modify the dangers of engineering native plants genetically engineered crops3 technicalTE to design and plan the building of roads, bridges, machines, etc The car is engineered to drive smoothly at high speeds. Grammar Engineer is often passive in this meaning.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
engineerBefore they could engineer an escape, they had to be sure that none of the guards were suspicious.The socialist party secretly engineered the defeat of the government.Sakakida engineered the escape of nearly 500 prisoners of war.This computer has been specially engineered to run the latest operating systems.genetically engineeredPersonally I want genetically engineered foods and anything containing genetically engineered food ingredients banned.The concern comes after a reported increase in deaths of diabetic patients, most relying on genetically engineered human insulin.GEMs are genetically engineered micro-organisms and finding them again could prove vital.Once released, genetically engineered organisms become part of our ecosystem.Secondly, there is a need to determine how genetically engineered organisms will react when released into the environment.If insects learned to adapt to genetically engineered plants, the result could be widespread crop failure and famine, critics warn.If the product is approved, genetically engineered tomatoes could be on the supermarket shelves by 1993.One of the first commercial products to derive from this biotechnology is likely to be genetically engineered tomatoes.