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exhaustexhaust2 ●○○ noun  1 (also exhaust pipe) [countable]T a pipe on a car or machine that waste gases pass through2 [uncountable]TE the gas produced when an engine is working exhaust fumes
Examples from the Corpus
exhaustIt turned out to be only bus exhaust.Consider one example from the annals of air pollution: the effort to reduce the effects of car exhaust on the atmosphere.But recent work has revealed that adenosine is much more than mere cellular exhaust.The clutch has also been strengthened and a full Force exhaust system in titanium is added.Trailed by a cloud of exhaust fumes, he accelerated up the road.Divorced father-of-three Terry Liffen was found dead in his car with a hose pipe leading from the exhaust.This is detected with a special sensor in the exhaust manifold.And 86 to 90 percent comes from vehicle exhaust, evenly divided between diesel and gasoline engines.