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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhydraulicshy‧draul‧ics /haɪˈdrɒlɪks, -ˈdrɔː- $ -ˈdrɒː-/ noun  1 [plural] parts of a machine or system that use the pressure of water or other liquids to move or lift things2 [uncountable]TE the study of how to use the pressure of water or other liquids to produce power
Examples from the Corpus
hydraulicsA U-shaped cover enclosed the transmission and hydraulics under the mast.Gear, flaps and airbrakes are all normally moved by the 250 bar hydraulics, but the flaps have no standby system.The curriculum expands to include hydraulics, basic pneumatics, electronics, and statistical process control.After several normal circuits we sampled the failure cases, starting with the simple loss of hydraulics.Controlled by computer and battery-powered hydraulics, they push or pull like pistons to damp movement by the walls.We run hydraulics, electricals, environmental systems, in addition to the loading and the weight and balance duties.The system is not expected to leak while the craft is in orbit and the hydraulics are not in use.He studied the hydraulics of the cataract and the sculptural look of the cliffs.