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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwind tunnelwind tun‧nel /ˈwɪnd ˌtʌnl/ noun [countable]  TTATEa large enclosed passage where engineers test aircraft etc by forcing air past them
Examples from the Corpus
wind tunnelThe reverse acoustic ceilings amplify the din to a decibel range appropriate for a wind tunnel.During wind tunnel tests on the car, at the development stage, water was added.Work includes full-scale experiments, wind tunnel studies and computational fluid dynamics.But the wind tunnel specifications called for this wall to be able to withstand seventy-five pounds a square foot.Fall through the platform, and unless you're either amazingly brave or stupid head down the wind tunnel to the left.By ensuring that only the most promising designs enter the wind tunnel, it has made physical evaluation more cost effective.It was the wind tunnel which gave birth to the characteristic shape of the Boeing 747.