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clean-up in Environment & waste topic

clean-upˈclean-up, cleanup /ˈkliːnʌp/ noun [countable usually singular]  SGPCLEANa process by which you get rid of dirt or waste from a place The cleanup of the oil spill took months. millions of dollars in clean-up costs
Examples from the Corpus
clean-upIf Daddy was home, she'd invite him in for a coffee and a clean-up.Only a week after the strike, a clean-up of the more open violence had begun in the worst harassed loyalist districts.South West also faces a beach clean-up programme, which worries some analysts.After the collective clean-up, Rainbow goes home brooding.The department is reported to be formulating ideas for new mechanisms to raise money from the private sector to pay for clean-up.A booklet is being distributed to advise city authorities on how to organise a mass clean-up.That way, he could begin the practice of bathing him in the garden and avoid the clean-up in the bathroom.It culminated in the clean-up of the industry inaugurated by nationalisation after the Second World War.