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poison in Environment & waste topic

poisonpoison2 ●○○ verb [transitive]  1 HARM/BE BAD FORKILLto give someone poison, especially by adding it to their food or drink, in order to harm or kill them She was accused in 1974 of poisoning her second husband, Charles. He killed several people by poisoning their tea.poison somebody with something Helms attempted to poison his whole family with strychnine.2 if a substance poisons someone, it makes them sick or kills them Thousands of children were poisoned by radiation.3 SGPDIRTYto make land, rivers, air etc dirty and dangerous, especially by the use of harmful chemicals Pesticides are poisoning our rivers.4 HARM/BE BAD FORto have very harmful and unpleasant effects on someone’s mind, emotions, or a situation Her childhood had been poisoned by an abusive stepfather. The law will only serve to poison relations between the US and Mexico. Television violence is poisoning the minds of young people.see thesaurus at spoil5 poisoned chalicepoisoner noun [countable]→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
poisonThe yeast must be pure, or the stars would be poisoned.A small amount of lead paint can severely poison a child.Our marriage was poisoned by mistrust, deceit and jealousy.Seabirds are being poisoned by toxins in the water.In a short time, his appointment has come to look like a poisoned chalice.She plotted a new method to kill Snow White: with a poisoned comb.For over a year, Jane fought against the cancer that had poisoned her blood.Hill poisoned her husband and daughter for the insurance money.He believed that somebody was trying to poison him.Steven thought that someone had poisoned his food.He sacrificed the end, doubtful in any case at that time, be-cause bad means would poison it.Kendall believes that sex on TV is poisoning our children's minds.It ventured forth only to kill cattle or flatten crops, poisoning the air with its fetid breath.Chemical waste has poisoned the city's water supply.She had already poisoned three members of her own family with arsenic.When they toasted, she exchanged her cup for his, and he drained the poisoned wine.poison somebody with somethingTwo of the victims had been poisoned with arsenic.