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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtiptip1 /tɪp/ ●●● S2 W3 noun  1 end [countable]END/POINT the end of something, especially something pointedtip of He kissed the tip of her nose. the southern tip of South America lights on the wing tips of aeroplanes fingertip(1)2 money [countable]PAY somebody FOR WORK a small amount of additional money that you give to someone such as a waiter or a taxi driver Did you leave a tip?large/generous/big tip I gave the guy a big tip. a $5 tip3 advice [countable]ADVISE a helpful piece of advice Perhaps she could give us a few tips.tip on/for This week's magazine has some tips on healthy eating.handy tip (=useful tip) handy tips for decorating a small flat gardening tips4 the tip of the iceberg5 on the tip of your tongue6 waste [countable] British EnglishSGP an area where unwanted waste is taken and left syn dump a rubbish tip I’ll take this lot to the tip.7 untidy [singular] British English informalUNTIDY an extremely dirty or untidy place The house was an absolute tip.8 horse race [countable] informalDSHINFORMATION special information about which horse will win a race9 warning [countable] a secret warning or piece of information, especially to police about illegal activities Acting on a tip, the police were able to find and arrest Upton.COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a small amount of additional money that you give to someone such as a waiter or a taxi driververbsleave a tipAren’t you going to leave a tip?give somebody a tipKim gave the driver a tip.adjectivesa big/large/generous tipThe service was great and we left a large tip.a 5%/10% etc tipA 15% tip is customary in restaurants.a £2/$5 tipHe gave the waitress a $10 tip. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: a helpful piece of adviceverbsgive somebody a tipHe gave me some tips on how to improve my game.pass on a tipThe writer passes on many tips that she has learned over the years.follow a tipTo keep your bike in good condition, follow these simple tips.pick up a tipIf you listen to the show, you’ll pick up some really useful gardening tips.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + tipa good/useful/helpful/handy tipGo to their website to find useful tips on buying and selling a home.a simple tipHe has some simple tips for saving money when you're at the supermarket.cooking tipsMost recipes come with added cooking tips.gardening tipsMarie was always willing to share her gardening tips.beauty tipsThe article contains some useful beauty tips.safety tipsEnsure the safety of your family with a few simple safety tips from the Fire Service.
Examples from the Corpus
tipA 15% tip is considered usual if the service was good.a 15% tipThe boy carried my suitcases up to my room and then stood waiting for a tip.It was a very nice house until they moved in and turned it into a tip.We finished our lunch and left a tip on the table for the waiter.Acting on a tip, police went to the motel and arrested Upton.Your room's an absolute tip!Please keep those questions and tips coming.Here's a good tip: if you spill red wine on your carpet, pour salt on it to remove it.As I raised my tips and slid off the lift, I wondered how I was going to get down the mountain.Viewers sometimes phone in news tips.A service charge is included on the bill, so tipping isn't necessary.a leaflet containing some tips on how to take better photosThe village is on the southern tip of the island.His pale golden, ringed tail hung down and sometimes the tip of it twitched.Doctor Gordon felt my neck with the tips of his fingers.The very tip of the finger began to oscillate.tip ofThey live on the southern tip of the island.There was a smudge of flour on the tip of Toni's nose.tip on/forHere is a tip for kids.A tip for threading up Silver Reed or Knitmaster machines.Dear Anne, Here is another tip for people with ribbers who want to make a nice, neat edge.Do you have any tips on how I can keep my clothes looking good?My first tip for the wise traveller is pack as many old newspapers as you can, up to the maximum permitted weight.The Hilton booklet offers tips for getting better sleep.Meanwhile, I have just one tip for fellow sufferers.Can you give me some tips on how to control myself?rubbish tipDuring those sixty seconds of biological time, Modern Man has made a rubbish tip of Paradise.Jones had tried to cover his tracks by disposing of some of the apparatus on a rubbish tip.Trashing lives At night on the city rubbish tip in La Paz, strange things start to happen.The time has come to find a solution to prevent Britain becoming one big, dangerous rubbish tip.The device is being used at landfill rubbish tips and can tell scientists within minutes precisely what's going on underground.Municipal rubbish tips are some of the most important feeding areas for gulls, crows, vultures and kites.With this rubbish tip of information she then came to me to ask how she could write it up into a dissertation.