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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfork-lift truckˌfork-lift ˈtruck (also fork-lift) noun [countable]  forklift.jpg TIFa vehicle with special equipment on the front for lifting and moving heavy things
Examples from the Corpus
fork-lift truckYou then take two stout battens and insert them below the pallet like the arms of a fork-lift truck.Large packages may be unloaded on to pallets and moved by fork-lift truck.What for example is the market value of a three-year old mainframe computer, or a seven-year old fork-lift truck?The 20-stone fork-lift truck operator was much more suitable, as was a private detective.And was he mown down by the fork-lift truck as a result?The fork-lift truck was not fitted with either wing mirrors or a speedometer.This aspect is significantly in advance of typical fork-lift truck operations on 2 and 3 shift working.