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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmillmill1 /mɪl/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 TEMgrain a building containing a large machine for crushing grain into flour2 TIFcotton/cloth/steel a factory that produces materials such as cotton, cloth, or steelcotton/steel/paper etc mill an old Victorian cotton mill3 coffee/pepper mill4 go through the mill5 put somebody through the mill6 money American EnglishPEC a unit of money equal to 1/10 of a cent, used in setting taxes and for other financial purposes7 million spoken a million Are you saying they paid a quarter of a mill for that house? run-of-the-mill, → (all) grist to the mill at grist
Examples from the Corpus
millThe movie has earned almost $2 mill in the first weekend.Writers of the time talked about how factories and mills dehumanized workers.The former corn mill is owned by Bristol City Museum and is open to the public.The missions were not merely churches but entire working communities, with farms, blacksmiths, flour mills and residences.Taylor's map of 1777 shows four mills on its lower section, with a number of others further upstream.a lumber millAn entirely new idea for the running of mills and the organising of the mill-workers.an old mill with a ruined water-wheelLast week some one had laced the coffee in the mill with arsenic.They even lost two weeks of wages because the paychecks bounced without warning when the mill suddenly closed in March 1980.cotton/steel/paper etc millThen came Mr Jedidiah Strutt, who built a cotton mill on the Derwent and shortly afterwards three more.Mr Garvey, 57, is known as a hands-on manager with in-depth knowledge of the operations of a steel mill.The very thought of the government owning a steel mill... well, it was just way too Mitterrand-ish.It was later converted to a paper mill.No mention was made of the fact that the New York Times had major interests in four paper mills.I began to work in steel mills when I was seventeen to support my education.But new steel mills are starting up, which some analysts expect will boost supply and depress prices over the next year.Ralph had no interest in business matters, which was evident at the cotton mill this morning.