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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishproduction lineproˈduction ˌline noun [countable]  TIFa line of machines and workers in a factory, each doing one job in the process of making a product before passing it to the next machine or worker syn assembly line
Examples from the Corpus
production lineEducation is not a production line, teachers are not operatives, and assessment is more than quality control.Design faults meant that each new station required major alterations; any hope of a production line quickly went out the window.G-AVIL, the subject of this air test, is one such model, being number five of the Alon production line.Such a system would be appropriate if human beings were made like cars on an automated production line.By the production line stand basketball nets and ping-pong tables for use during breaks.While touring the Accord plant, we stopped to examine the body shells as they enter the production line.Harman leads by example, putting his time in on the production line.These programs familiarize trainees with the production line, company policies and procedures, and the requirements of the job.