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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsawmillsaw‧mill /ˈsɔːmɪl $ ˈsɒː-/ noun [countable]  TIFa factory where trees are cut into flat pieces that can be used as wood
Examples from the Corpus
sawmillFor one shot, he zooms in over a sawmill, low enough to smell the fresh-cut lumber.Mac shows viewers how the big machinery works in the sawmills.One is owned by the sister of the sawmill owner who helped Koelz cut the work.I enter the town past the sawmill, which has now become a health shop and picture gallery.The sawmill was owned by Gloria's uncle.Sam loved machines, but of all the machines he had known through the years, this sawmill was his favorite.You can also see a working sawmill and collection of miners' lamps.