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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshipyardship‧yard /ˈʃɪp-jɑːd $ -jɑːrd/ noun [countable]  TTWTIFa place where ships are built or repaired
Examples from the Corpus
shipyardFour big shipyards nearby and others further afield provided a ready-made market for its paints.She moved to Portland, Ore., where she worked several jobs until later working as a welder at the shipyards.Mr Walesa began working at the shipyard in 1967.The engineers and labourers would sometimes appear from the shipyards with their black faces.Washed his face and hands in the kitchen sink, threw away the name of the shipyard foreman.Chemical smoke pouring off the shipyards and factories.Without new orders, the shipyard would have run out of work by the end of next year.