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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsteelworkssteel‧works /ˈstiːlwɜːks $ -wɜːrks/ noun (plural steelworks) [countable]  TIFa factory where steel is made
Examples from the Corpus
steelworksI took over and we lost our way where a blackened adobe town sprawled over a hill above a steelworks.The site of a former steelworks near Blantyre in Lanarkshire has already been earmarked for land reclamation using sludge.Krupp said last week it would close one of its steelworks if the tricky co-operation talks fail.Bridge gone: Workers demolished the old steelworks bridge in Coronation Drive, Hartlepool.Above the rain and the blackness low clouds touched with pink from the steelworks sidled across the sky.On either side of me, the steelworks darkened against the raggy, saffron sky.There was the occasional clank and groan from the formless black and gold of the steelworks.