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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexex /eks/ noun [countable usually singular]  informalSSFDIVORCE someone’s former wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend I bumped into my ex in town.
Examples from the Corpus
exAs an ex employee, he's loyal to the company, even though it made him redundant after 34 years.She had a husband, a great brawny brute of an ex R.A.F. pilot who knocked her about.We also examined whether upward expansion actually occurred in the background colonic mucosa by ex vivo autoradiography.What if I told you Nicola Schreider is my ex -fiancée?I didn't know my ex was going to be at the party.We might refer to this as the ex ante demand for bank lending.In relation to such a claim the ex turpi causa defence could have had no application.For many women, it seems, the power of the ex continues from beyond the long-filled grave of romance.