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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparentalpa‧rent‧al /pəˈrentl/ ●○○ adjective  SSFrelating to being a parent and especially to being responsible for a child’s safety and development parental responsibility Opening a new school will increase parental choice. Parental consent is required before the operation can take place.
Examples from the Corpus
parentalCritics of such parental activities argue that activist parents should be devoting their energies to lobbying legislatures to fund all schools adequately.These will require, in addition to the factors described in the previous section, an allowance for the effect of increased parental choice.Yentob is being slightly disingenuous when demanding parental control.parental responsibilitiesWhen advising an unmarried father it is important to note that party status is based on parental responsibility and not paternity.The findings also suggest that recession and growing parental responsibility have resulted in fewer legalized women immigrants working outside the home.This cuts to the heart of the problem: parental responsibility.Nor does parental support necessarily end with college graduation.The adult response of reason is swept away to reveal the small child cowering under parental wrath.