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separatesep‧a‧rate2 /ˈsepəreɪt/ ●●● S2 W2 verb  1 be between [transitive]SEPARATE if something separates two places or two things, it is between them so that they are not touching each otherseparate something from something The lighthouse is separated from the land by a wide channel.2 divide [intransitive, transitive]SEPARATE to divide or split into different parts, or to make something do this This will keep your dressing from separating.separate from At this point, the satellite separates from its launcher.separate something into something Separate the students into four groups. First, separate the eggs (=divide the white part from the yellow part).3 stop living together [intransitive]SSFDIVORCE if two people who are married or have been living together separate, they start to live apart Jill and John separated a year ago.separate from I decided to separate from my partner.GRAMMAR: Reciprocal verbsSeparate is a reciprocal verb. This type of verb is used when saying that two or more people or things do something that involves both or all of them: She and her husband separated. You can also say: She separated from her husband.She and her husband separated from each other.4 recognize difference [transitive]SEPARATE to recognize that one thing or idea is different from anotherseparate something from something She finds it difficult to separate fact from fantasy.5 move apart [intransitive, transitive]SEPARATE if people separate, or if someone or something separates them, they move apart Ed stepped in to separate the two dogs.separate somebody from somebody/something In the fog, they got separated from the group. 6 make somebody/something different [transitive]DIFFERENT to be the quality or fact that makes someone or something different from other people or thingsseparate something from something The capacity to think separates humans from animals.7 better/older [transitive] if an amount separates two things, one thing is better or older than the other by that amount Three points now separate the two teams.8 separate the men from the boys9 separate the sheep from the goatsTHESAURUSto make something separateseparate verb [transitive] to divide something into two or more parts or groups, or to divide one type of thing from another. You use separate especially when saying that the parts are different from each other Motorola is planning to separate the company into two public companies.The items are separated into recyclable and non-recyclable waste.divide verb [transitive] to make something become two or more parts or groupsThe teacher divided us into groups.The money was divided between them.The house is divided into three apartments.split verb [transitive] to separate something into two or more groups, parts etc – used especially when each part is equal in sizeThe class was split into groups of six.break something up phrasal verb [transitive] to separate something into several smaller parts, especially to make it easier to deal withThe phone company was broken up to encourage competition.Police used tear gas to break up the crowd.segregate verb [transitive] to separate one group of people from others because of race, sex, religion etcSchools were racially segregated.Some prisons segregate prisoners who are infected with HIV.to become separateseparate verb [intransitive] to divide into different parts, especially in a natural wayA watery liquid separates from the milk during cheesemaking.split verb [intransitive] to separate into two or more parts or groups – used especially when each part is equal in sizeWhat happens when an atom splits?break up phrasal verb [intransitive] to separate into several smaller partsIn spring, the icebergs begin to break up. separate somebody/something ↔ out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
separateKids are put under a tremendous emotional strain when their parents separate.Linda and George have only been married for a year and they're already thinking of separating.The milk had soured and separated.Hair conditioner helps your curls to separate.In order to separate a lunar effect the team looked at the lunar day, the position of the Moon.He sat at a desk, separating a pile of mail into "urgent' and "non-urgent'.Items in the list should be separated by commas.Steaks and meat patties should be separated by wax paper before freezing.Farmers separate calves from their mothers when they are only a few days old.Anne and I separated for three months, but we are now together again.She was distressed and anxious at being separated from her friends, and rapidly developed colic.After years of abuse, Ginny finally separated from her husband.At this point, the satellite separates from its launcher.The reactive tannins precipitate with the protein, and the improved wine can then be separated from the sediment.She looked over the picket fence that separates her lawn from the neighbor's.As the milk turns sour, it separates into thick curds and watery liquid.Teachers thought it best to separate Paul and Fred and put them in different classes.Separating prisoners from each other is sometimes the only way of preventing riots.The diaphragm is the strong muscular wall that separates the chest from the stomach.To obtain serum, we permit the blood to clot and then separate the clot from the residual serum.The mobile phase flows continuously over the stationary phase and as it does so separates the components on the stationary phase.Mam Tor is the first objective on the walk along the ridge which separates the Hope and Edale valleys.For there was a scramble for individual honours with just two ounces separating the leading four.A tall fence separates the two houses.Break an egg into a bowl and separate the white from the yolk.Some of the pages had got stuck together and I couldn't separate them.The two were not separated until Dan was kept back at Groton so Harry could enter Harvard first.If you two don't stop talking during class, I'll have to separate you.separate something from somethingHuman behavior cannot be separated from its biological base.separate fromI never wanted to be separated from him again.President Aylwin has been careful to keep the issue of military corruption quite separate from that of human-rights offences.The role of the consultation partner is separate from that of the pre-issuance review partner.Necks, with or without neck skin, are separated from the carcass at the shoulder joint. 6.The babies should be separated from the father, who will eat them, especially if there is no other food available.It is separated from the first lateral arm plate by the wing-like adoral shields.The reactive tannins precipitate with the protein, and the improved wine can then be separated from the sediment.Men separated from their women father illegitimate children.