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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsister-in-lawˈsister-in-ˌlaw ●●○ noun (plural sisters-in-law) [countable]  1 SSFthe sister of your husband or wife2 SSFyour brother’s wife3 SSWthe wife of the brother of your husband or wife
Examples from the Corpus
sister-in-lawThe warmth which sisters and sisters-in-law may show for one another can cushion a woman against the harshness of her life.When she regained consciousness she was lying on a bench with her future sisters-in-law looking down at her.Her sister-in-law, on the other hand, has been more of an extrovert.His contemporaries believed he made his sister-in-law take out substantial life insurance and then poisoned her.Rumour had it that Gaunt had poisoned his sister-in-law in order to gain possession of the whole of the inheritance.This was the period of her last obsessive attachment, to Véra Oumançoff, sister-in-law of the philosopher Jacques Maritain.