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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwidowerwid‧ow‧er /ˈwɪdəʊə $ -doʊər/ noun [countable]  SSFMARRYa man whose wife has died and who has not married againsee thesaurus at married
Examples from the Corpus
widowerFat Vince is a widower too.Mr Charlwood was a widower with two teenage daughters and did not want to leave them for longer than necessary.Gedamke was a widower, and he may very well have been too bound up with his teaching and with his students.For ten, eleven years he was a widower with every opportunity to marry and beget a son.Mr Wright, a widower with one son and two grandchildren, made his first parachute jump yesterday.Five years a widower, and no interest in anybody that we can see.The king had been many years a widower.The idea that most singles are inherently unmarriageable and the divorced unstable fails to explain the same pattern of afflictions among widowers.He befriends Rabbi Hirsch, a sad-eyed widower from Prague, becoming his Shabbos goy.