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Date: 1500-1600
Language: Italian
Origin: cartone 'pasteboard, cartoon', from carta; CARD1


car‧toon S3 [countable]
1AMF a short film that is made by photographing a series of drawings:
cartoon characters such as Donald Duck
2AV a funny drawing in a newspaper or magazine, especially about politicians or events in the news
3 also cartoon strip a set of drawings that tell a funny story, especially in a newspaper or magazine [= comic strip]
4AV technical a drawing that an artist does before starting to do a painting
WORD FOCUS: television WORD FOCUS: television
similar words: TV, telly BrE informal, the box BrE informal, the tube AmE informal

programmes on television: the news, soap opera, sitcom, drama series, detective series, documentary, docusoap, game show, talk show also chat show British English, made-for-TV movie, cartoon, reality TV, infomercial

a TV programme shown on the Internet: webcast

a company that broadcasts programmes: channel, station

types of television broadcasts: terrestrial British English, cable, satellite, digital, pay-per-view

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types of film: comedy, romantic comedy, drama, thriller, western, action film, horror film, war film, art house film, silent film, feature film

films that use drawings or models: cartoon, animation, animated film

films in general: cinema

where you go to see a film : cinema British English/movie theater American English, multiplex

the people in a film: actor, actress, star, cast

the people who make a film: director, producer, film crew, cameraman/camerawoman, scriptwriter

the music for a film: soundtrack

the words and the instructions to the actors: screenplay

a short film advertising another film: trailer

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