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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcinematiccin‧e‧mat‧ic /ˌsɪnəˈmætɪk◂/ adjective  AMFrelating to films a cinematic masterpiece
Examples from the Corpus
cinematicAccurately, though unfairly, contemporary critics of the Futurists denounced them with the vindictive labels: photographic, cinematic.This rather cinematic approach adds to the atmosphere of mystery and excitement.The ending is a cinematic cop-out using newsreel photo-montage and a walk-on by Nelson Mandela.Fast-paced action adventure with you at the centre of some staggering cinematic effects.Some have even questioned its right to be called a masterpiece by condemning Welles' self-conscious bid for cinematic immortality.The movie does have one cinematic innovation: There is a joke in the trailer that is not in the film.In an otherwise straight forward story, director George provides a couple of stunning cinematic moments.Eisenstein invented cinematic techniques which are still in use today.