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2 noun
cut2 S2 W2 [countable]


[usually plural] a reduction in the size or amount of something, especially the amount of money that is spent by a government or company:
There will be cuts across all levels of the company.
cut in
Cuts in public spending mean that fewer people can go on to higher education.
The decision to make cuts in health care provision has been widely criticized.
tax/pay/job etc cuts
A shorter working week will mean pay cuts for millions of workers.
The building plans could be hit by possible spending cuts.
cut of
A cut of 1% in interest rates was announced yesterday.

skin wound

a wound that is caused when something sharp cuts your skin:
That's quite a nasty cut - you ought to get it seen to by a doctor.
The driver escaped with minor cuts and bruises.


a narrow hole in or mark in the surface of something, made by a sharp tool or object:
Make a small cut in the paper.


[usually singular]
a) an act of cutting someone's hair [= haircut]:
How much do they charge for a cut and blow-dry?
b) DC the style in which your hair is cut [= haircut]:
a short stylish cut


[usually singular]DCC the style in which clothes have been made:
I could tell by the cut of his suit that he wasn't a poor man.

share of something

[usually singular] someone's share of something, especially money
cut of
She was determined to claim her cut of the winnings.

removal from film

an act of removing a part from a film, play, piece of writing etc, or a part that has been removed


[usually singular] the process of putting together the different parts of a film and removing the parts that will not be shown:
Spielberg himself oversaw the final cut.


one of the songs or pieces of music on a record, cassette, or CD

the cut and thrust of something

the exciting but sometimes difficult or unpleasant way that something is done:
the cut and thrust of political debate

be a cut above something

to be much better than someone else or something else:
The movie is a cut above recent thrillers.
He proved himself to be a cut above the rest.


a piece of meat that has been cut to a size suitable for cooking or eating:
Long slow cooking is more suitable for cheaper cuts of meat.


American English a road that has been made through a hill

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