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extraextra4 noun [countable]  1 ADDsomething which is added to a basic product or service that improves it and often costs more Tinted windows and a sunroof are optional extras (=something that you can choose to have or not). Be careful, there may be hidden extras (=additional charges which you are not told about). It’s got lots of useful little extras.2 AMFan actor in a film who does not say anything but is part of a crowd He started his acting career as an extra.see thesaurus at actor
Examples from the Corpus
extraExtra! Extra! Read all about it!There might also be a selection of pricing plans and added extras.They were well looked after and were given plenty of beer, cigarettes and extras at Christmas time.Shirley worked really hard and did a lot of little extras for the clients.A wide range of extras are also available.One client, says Mr Timlin, spent $ 350,000 on extras.Tinted windows and a sunroof are optional extras.Let romance bring the extras, not the basics, to your life.Tonight we meet some of the unsung heroes of Inspector Morse - the extras.a car with extras such as a sun roof and CD playerThis great two-disc version of the alien invasion blockbuster is packed with extras.optional extrasCruising chutes and Windsurfers are available as optional extras on some yachts.Theories are not optional extras in science.Most of the systems offer optional extras.Made to measure in glass fibre with toughened glass roof and sides, optional extras include ventilation and double glazing.