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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflashbackflash‧back /ˈflæʃbæk/ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]A a scene in a film, play, book etc that shows something that happened before that point in the story The events of the hero’s childhood are shown as a series of flashbacks.2 [countable]REMEMBER a sudden very clear memory of something that happened to you in the past Eaton still has flashbacks of the crash.3 [countable] an occasion when someone has the same bad feeling that they had when they took an illegal drug in the past Many users of this drug experience flashbacks.4 [countable] technicalHC a burning gas or liquid that moves back into a tube or container
Examples from the Corpus
flashbackA constant motif is a flashback to a field of wheat, interposed suddenly and incongruously in various scenes.Many users of this drug experience chronic depression and flashbacks.In the middle, we get an extended flashback of the four as girls in the summer of 1970.I have had my first flashback.Only vaguely, in one or two frozen flashback memories, could he recall his father.We weave the old show in so well with the flashbacks.has flashbacksAmado has flashbacks to his experiences in Vietnam.He says approaching bends he's worried because he has flashbacks of some one losing control and crashing into him.