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flickflick2 noun  1 [countable]SHAKE a short quick sudden movement or hit with a part of your body, whip etc With a flick of the wrist, Frye sent the ball into the opposite court.2 the flick of a switch3 [countable usually singular] especially American EnglishAMF a film an action flick4 the flicks5 have a flick through something
Examples from the Corpus
flickWith a flick of the wrist, Ferguson sent the ball into the opposite court.Certain types of knives that have no legitimate use - such as flick, gravity and butterfly knives - are banned.He had that extra flick of race about him.And it was Charlie who set up the winner with a headed flick on for McNally to score from eight yards out.His flick helped create the goal.These days about 15 percent of our energy is obtained at the flick of a switch.The flick of the gold lighter kept on the coffee table was sharp as an electric shock in a room of steel.