Topic: FILM

Sense: 1-2, 5
Date: 1400-1500
Origin: FLICK1
Sense: 3-4
Date: 1900-2000
Origin: FLICKER1; because of the appearance of early movies.


2 noun
1 [countable] a short quick sudden movement or hit with a part of your body, whip etc:
With a flick of the wrist, Frye sent the ball into the opposite court.

flick of a switch

used to emphasize how easy it is to start a machine and use it:
I can shut off all the power in the building at the flick of a switch.
3 [countable usually singular] especially American EnglishAMF a film:
an action flick

the flicks

British English old-fashionedAMF the cinema

have a flick through something

British English to look at a book, magazine, set of pictures etc very quickly:
I had a quick flick through your report.

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