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lotlot2 ●●● S2 noun  1 group of people/things [countable]GROUP OF PEOPLE a group of people or things considered together Could you help me carry this lot upstairs?lot of The last lot of people offered £70,000. I did three lots of exams last summer. Come on, you lot, hurry up! His friends are a strange lot.2 the lot3 somebody’s situation [singular]SITUATION your lot is your work, duties, social position etc, especially when they could be better She seems happy enough with her lot. The unions have always tried to improve the lot of their members.4 land [countable] especially American EnglishAREA an area of land used for building on or for another purpose the vacant lot (=empty land) behind the Commercial Hotel a used-car lot parking lot5 film [countable]AMF a building and the land surrounding it where films are made syn studio the Universal Studios lot6 thing to be sold [countable]BBT something, or a group of things, that is sold at an auction Lot 54 is a Victorian lamp.7 choosing a) by lotCHOOSE if someone is chosen by lot, several people each take a piece of paper or an object from a container, and the person who is chosen is the one who gets a particular marked paper or object In Athens at that time, judges were chosen by lot. b) draw/cast lots to choose something or someone by lot We drew lots to decide who should go first.8 throw in/cast your lot with somebody/something bad lot at bad1(21), → a job lot at job(18)
Examples from the Corpus
lotLot fifteen was a box of old books.We've got another lot of visitors coming this weekend.The car stopped outside a used car lot at the end of the street.She seems happy enough with her lot in life.I don't like her new friends - they're a snobbish lot.Bring that lot over here, will you?Don't take any notice of that lot, they're just ignorant.Keeler is the best player of the lot.She handed me a bag of old clothes. "Could you take this lot to the charity shop for me?''Right lads, let's pick up this lot and go home.We used to play baseball in the vacant lot.lot ofA hundred dollars was a lot of money in 1901.vacant lotA bunch of kids were playing basketball in a vacant lot.On our march we camped one night in a vacant lot adjoining a female seminary at Gordonsville.At 11 p. m., he said, a man telephoned his room, and together they drove to a vacant lot.Sanitation: A special task force shall be assigned to clean up all vacant lots and trashed areas throughout the deprived areas.Broughton said the codes would make it simpler to build on small hillside vacant lots in older developed neighborhoods.With real estate prices rising, vacant lots in the area are selling for as much as $75,000.We stood in the vacant lot, which was still a vacant lot, where the three tramps were found.He'd even searched the vacant lots.Woke up to hear bulldozers Rumble through vacant lots, Saw houseplants we forgot to water Shrivelled in their pots.