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mov‧ie S2 W2 [countable] especially American English
1AMF a film made to be shown at the cinema or on televisionCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
watch/see a movie go to a movie also take in a movie informal appear in/be in/star in a movie make/shoot a movie show/screen a movie horror/action/sci-fi etc movie silent movie big-budget/low-budget movie hit movie (=very successful movie) movie star (=a famous movie actor) movie director/producer
Do you want to see a movie tonight?
Maybe we'll go to a movie.
It was like one of those old John Wayne movies.
She starred with Humphrey Bogart in the movie 'Casablanca'.
They don't make movies like that any more.
The movie was shot entirely on location in India.
Many people were shocked when the movie was first shown.
She once played the innocent victim in a horror movie.
Spielberg's latest hit movie
movie about
a movie about two gay teenagers who fall in love
a big Hollywood movie star

the movies

a) the cinema:
We took the kids to the movies.
In those days, we went to the movies every week.
at the movies
Why were you at the movies all by yourself?
b) films in general, and the events in them
in (the) movies
He couldn't believe his luck. It was the sort of thing that only happened in the movies.
c) the business of producing films:
a career in the movies

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