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projectpro‧ject2 /prəˈdʒekt/ AWL verb  1 calculate [transitive]PREDICT to calculate what something will be in the future, using the information you have now The company projected an annual growth rate of 3%. projected sales figuresbe projected to do something Total expenditure is projected to rise by 25%.2 stick out [intransitive]STICK OUT to stick out beyond an edge or surface syn protrudeproject out/from/through etc Four towers projected from the main building. projecting teeth3 film [transitive]AMF to make the picture of a film, photograph etc appear in a larger form on a screen or flat surfaceproject something onto something She projected the slide onto the wall.4 yourself [transitive]EXPRESS to try to make other people have a particular idea about you I hope the team will project a smart professional image.project yourself (as something) his attempts to project himself as a potential leader5 be projected6 project your voice7 send [transitive]THROW to make something move up or forwards with great force The plant projects its seeds over a wide area. 8 success [transitive] to make someone quickly have success or a much better jobproject somebody into/onto etc something His success projected him onto Channel 4‘s comedy series ’Packet of Three'.9 feeling [transitive]AVOID to imagine that someone else is feeling the same emotions as youproject something on/onto somebody You’re projecting your insecurity onto me.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
projectKirk doesn't realize how arrogant an image he projects.Modernism has projected a compelling image of the artist in a state of splendid isolation.School officials are projecting a rise in student numbers next semester.The pier would be 1000 metres long and project about 400 metres into the sea.He thus asserts the Truth of History while constantly projecting forwards and deferring its proof.A computer image of an eyeball was projected onto a screen on stage.Two walkways projected over the gorge on both sides of the river.These projected rooms also had to be able to accommodate existing pieces of furniture.Examining past, present, and projected student enrollments in one district, the school board voted to dismiss four teachers.It is projected to hit $ 1. 17 billion in 1996 sales, nipping at the heels of Sega and Nintendo.By the end of this fiscal year in June, maritime operations are projected to lose $ 6. 4 million.Lastly it is worth noting any usual features like sunken logs, projecting tree roots and big boulders.be projected to do somethingThe number of NEAs down to this size is projected to be between five hundred thousand and six hundred thousand.But if all goes well, it is projected to climb to 1 million a year to meet rising worldwide demand.This number is projected to double by 2021.Inflation was projected to fall to 8.9 percent from its current official level of 23 percent.We already have an inflation rate of about five percent and it is projected to go higher yet this year.It will probably never build the 2.8m transistor 601, which is projected to have a three-year life cycle.The hospital fund is projected to run through its last dollar some time in 2001.Combined output during the next few years is projected to skyrocket to more than 500,000 barrels daily.project out/from/through etcThe neighborhood development program changed the funding of renewal projects from a reserve system to annual funding.The lesion has been described as a volcano with central whitish discoloration projecting from an otherwise normal gastric mucosa.Sulfide outgrowths that look undeniably like Moose antlers project out from the main mound.These were launched a year ago and implemented for all new capital expenditure projects from September 1992.At the end of that time, the developer would buy the entire project from the city.Outside, a sizeable iron drive-wheel projects through the front wall.When projected through the same lens, the image stretched out to approximately 2 { times wider than it was high.Montpelier was stone-built with a wooden tower projecting from the top.project yourself (as something)Almost from the start the cost overruns were as staggering as the project itself.If we are imaginative enough we can project ourselves inside plants and inanimate objects as well as other animals.It's got as much to do with personality, character, how you project yourself.The signals come from the changing demands of the work project itself.He projected himself as a man who would be worth listening to.Now look, look at the counterpane world, project yourself into it, look beside that bijou signal box.Father Campbell encouraged them to project themselves into the readings.The testing of the stated relationship is the project itself; the procedure of testing is the methodology.project something on/onto somebodyJay's finally realizing that he projects his own insecurities onto his friends.