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ldoce_282_creelreel2 noun [countable] 🔊 🔊 1 a) DTa round object onto which film, wire, a special string for fishing etc can be wound 🔊 a cotton reel 🔊 a fishing rod and reel b) DTthe amount that one of these objects will hold 🔊 a reel of film2 AMFone of the parts of a cinema film that is contained on a reel 🔊 the final reel3 APDa quick folk dance, especially one from Scotland or Ireland, or the music for this
Examples from the Corpus
reelHe rose to his feet and struck up a reel.a scene from the final reel of "High Noon"Audio Masters Providing recordings of approximately 10 hours' duration on open reel tape.And never does he mention a brand of rod, reel or line.Carey's reel clicked slowly, then stopped.He nodded without taking his eyes from the spiked reel rolling below him.Reels: A freshwater spinning reel with 6-pound-test line for the bait unit.His descriptions of everything from lures to reels to fish finders read like they are straight out of a company press release.