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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscreeningscreen‧ing /ˈskriːnɪŋ/ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]AMFAMT the showing of a film or television programme a screening of Spielberg’s new movie2 [uncountable]MH medical tests that are done on a lot of people to make sure that they do not have a particular diseasescreening for screening for breast cancer3 [uncountable]TEST/EXPERIMENT tests or checks that are done to make sure that people or things are acceptable or suitable for a particular purpose security screening of airline passengers
Examples from the Corpus
screeningThe director answered questions following the 7:30 screening.But all they could do was draw a family tree and suggest early and aggressive screenings.Casting and screening in just a week.Does your HMO offer cancer screening for women?At what age should endoscopic screening be done?The issue is to estimate the marginal benefit from the increased frequency of screening examinations against the marginal increased cost.If we can show that screening reduces deaths by 20%, then a national screening programme is worthwhile.Mr Hurd said the council had endorsed the screening procedure.The screening programme cost £10 per patient screened and £1000 per patient requiring laser treatment.The screening of potential jurors will continue next week.It is not an argument over which of the two screening strategies will confer the greater medical benefit.