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3 noun


a) DCC short trousers ending at or above the knees:
a pair of shorts
tourists in shorts and T-shirts
Bermuda shorts, cycling shorts
b) especially American EnglishDCC men's underwear with short legs:
Craig was standing in the kitchen in his shorts.
boxer shorts, Jockey shorts

in short

used when you want to give the main point of something:
Carter hoped for greater trust between the two nations, more trade, more cultural exchanges - in short, a genuine peace.

for short

used as a shorter way of saying a name:
His name's Maximilian, but we just call him Max for short.
4 [countable] informalAMF a short film shown in the cinema
5 [countable] British English informalDFD a strong alcoholic drink that is not beer or wine, drunk in a small glass [= shot American English]
Do you fancy a short?
6 [countable] informalTEE a short circuit:
a short in the system

➔ the long and the short of it

at long1 (10)

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