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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshowshow1 /ʃəʊ $ ʃoʊ/ ●●● S1 W1 verb (past tense showed, past participle shown /ʃəʊn $ ʃoʊn/)  1 let somebody see [transitive]SHOW/LET somebody SEE something to let someone see somethingshow somebody something The children proudly showed me their presents.show something to somebody Show your ticket to the woman at the entrance. The man grinned, showing bad teeth.2 prove something [transitive]SHOW/BE A SIGN OF to provide facts or information that make it clear that something is true, that something exists, or that something has happened Figures showed a 9% rise in inflation. Gary has shown his faith in the club’s future by agreeing to stay on.show (that) Mike needed a copy of the will to show that the books had been left to him.show somebody (that) We have shown our critics that we can succeed.show how This document shows how to oppose bad decisions about new housing.show what She just wants a chance to show what she can do.show somebody/something to be something Charles showed himself to be a fine leader.be shown to be/do something The campaign has been shown to be a waste of money. The new treatment has been shown to reduce the number of deaths.studies/evidence/research etc shows Several studies have shown that aggressive toys lead to bad behaviour. The Polish economy began to show signs of recovery. It just goes to show (=proves) how much people judge each other on how they look.RegisterIn written English, people often prefer to use indicate, which sounds more formal than show:The latest statistics indicate that the country is falling deeper into recession. In scientific contexts, they often prefer prove or demonstrate, which sound more definite:This research demonstrates the need to treat cancer early.3 feelings/attitudes/qualities [transitive]SHOW A FEELING OR ATTITUDE to let your feelings, attitudes, or personal qualities be clearly seen opp hide Think positively and show some determination. She had learned not to show her emotions. It was the sound a man might make when in pain but trying not to show it. Mary showed great interest in the children.4 explain with actionsEXPLAIN [transitive] to explain to someone how to do something, by doing it yourself or using actions to help them learnshow somebody how Show me how the gun works.show somebody how to do something Maureen showed Peter how to feed the young animals.show somebody something Can you show Lucy the way to slice onions?see thesaurus at explain5 picture/map etcSHOW/BE A SIGN OF [transitive] if a picture, map etc shows something, you can see it on the picture, map etc I want a photograph that shows his face. The map shows the main rivers of the region. 6 guide somebody [transitive]SHOW/LET somebody SEE something to go with someone and guide them to a placeshow somebody to/into something Can you show Mrs Davies to the bathroom?show somebody out/in I can show myself out (=out of the office or house).show somebody something Come on, I’ll show you the way.see thesaurus at lead7 point at something [transitive]SHOW/LET somebody SEE something to let someone see where a place or thing is, especially by pointing to itshow somebody where Can you show me exactly where he fell?8 film/television [intransitive, transitive]AMF to make a film or television programme available on a screen for people to see, or to be on a screen The film was shown on television last night. The match was shown live (=could be seen on television while it was being played). It’s now showing at cinemas across London. showing(1)9 be easy to see [intransitive]OBVIOUS if something shows, it is easy to see His happiness showed in his face. Her scar doesn’t show, because her hair covers it. Stephen was worried, and it showed.10 dirt/mark [transitive]CLEAR/EASY TO SEE if material shows the dirt or a mark, it is easy to see the dirt or mark on it Light-coloured clothes tend to show the dirt.11 increase/decrease [transitive]PROFIT to have an increase or decrease in something, or a profit or loss The price of players is the reason why many football clubs show big losses on their balance sheets. Recent elections have shown significant gains by right-wing groups. 12 art/pictures [transitive]AVPSHOW/LET somebody SEE something to put a group of paintings or other works of art in one place so that people can come and see them syn exhibit Her recent sculptures are being shown at the Hayward Gallery. The Whitney Museum was the first to show Mapplethorpe’s photographs.13 I’ll show him/them etc14 have something to show for something15 show your face16 show your hand17 animal [transitive]DS to put an animal into a competition with other animals Do you plan to show your dogs?18 arrive [intransitive] (also show up) informal especially American EnglishARRIVE to arrive at the place where someone is waiting for you syn turn up I went to meet Hank, but he never showed.19 show somebody in a good/bad etc light20 show somebody the door21 show (somebody) who’s boss22 show the way23 show willing24 show a leg!25 show (somebody) a clean pair of heels26 show me the moneyTHESAURUSlet someone see show to let someone see something, especially by holding it out in front of themEveryone has to show their identity cards at the entrance to the building.Stephanie showed us her engagement ring.flash to show something to someone very quickly‘We’re police’, he said, flashing his card at us.Miranda flashed a surprised look into the mirror.let somebody have a look/take a look especially spoken to show something to someone, especially so that they can examine it, repair it etcIf the wound doesn’t get better soon, you should let the doctor take a look at it.Mike’s good with cars – let him have a look.reveal especially written to let someone see or know about something that is usually hidden, or that you want to keep secret – often used about showing your feelings or private thoughtsSuzy looked away quickly in order not to reveal her true feelings.He lifted the lid of the box to reveal a small snake.expose especially written to let someone see something that could not be seen beforeThe receding tide had exposed huge expanses of sand.The bear opened its mouth, exposing rows of sharp teeth.show someone how to do somethingshow to explain to someone how to do something or how something works, especially by doing it yourselfLaurie’s been showing me how to snowboard.Can I show you how the oven works?demonstrate to show how to do something or how something works – especially to a group of peopleA qualified instructor will demonstrate how to use the machines properly.There’s a meeting this afternoon to demonstrate the new software.guide/take somebody through something to show someone how to do something, or how a process happens, especially something difficult or complicatedThe book guides you through the different stages of starting your own business.A stockbroker will take you through the minefield of stocks and shares. show somebody around (something) show off show somebody over something show up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
showI came to meet Hank, but he never showed.Don't worry about that mark - it won't show.His approach to the problem showed a complete lack of understanding.His work-in-progress is currently showing at the Guildhall in Manchester.Her nervousness is shown by a tendency to laugh a lot in public.His performance shows great talent.He showed her old pictures, drawn with pigments on hide, and she recognized scenes from her life.The block should be highlighted, as shown in Figure 10. 9.A scientific theory is only 'true' until someone shows it to be false or inaccurate.Can you show me how to use your camera?Like Nietzsche, Feuerbach frequently shows more sympathy for orthodox believers than for rationalizing modernist theologians.Why is Chrysler showing off a luxury concept car like this rather than a futuristic new Jeep or minivan?Highlights of the game will be shown on Channel 5.I just want you to show some respect, just for once.Fig. 3 shows the average monthly rainfall in Miami.Its surface is carved in some detail and lettered to show the continents and oceans.As reading down the columns shows, the meanings of the phonetics, on the other hand, do not.A menu showing the options will appear on the computer screen.Everyone has to show their identity cards at the entrance to the building.Could you show this gentleman to his table please.Caffeine has been shown to have a good effect on mental performance.The protein was further shown to inhibit cAMP release of gastric fundic biopsies and to prevent its stimulation by histamine.I stood in the foyer, waiting to be shown to my apartment.The shepherds would leave special markers to show which way they had gone or to indicate which track not to take.I'll show you an easier way to get down from there.I'll show you the master bedroom upstairs.I'll show you the way to the station. It's not far."How do you change the speed of the drill?" "Let me show you."show somebody somethingShow her the right way to do it.Billy showed us the scar from his operation.It's worth asking a local guide to show you the sights.Let me show you the garden.The real estate agent showed them house after house, but they couldn't find one they liked.show (that)He wants to put on a show.Q: How much toe cleavage do you think is appropriate for a 20-something professional to show?Public opinion polls show crime and violence to be a major issue in the November elections.The advantage of this formal approach to organisations is that it shows how organisational objectives can be reached by: 1.It coincided with a big cable show in Anaheim.The results showed that 69 percent of all beech and 78 percent of yew had some form of dieback.Studies have shown that consumers are buying more organic produce.Each pack must also show the number of servings it contains.show ... emotionsThey neither pressed him on the issue nor thought less of him for showing his emotions.They did not show emotions as plainly as more mobile faces did.The books show that emotions can not be suppressed.show somebody how to do somethingRay Kirschmann pointed out, you just showed us how to do it.In this subject you are not faced with the problem of telling or showing children how to draw and paint.After showing Wig how to find ginseng, the young man turned him loose on his own.He says will you show him how to make a snowman?I can show you how to manage that.And Quincy could show him how to snowboard and I could show him how to fly downhill and do bumps.He can show you how to turn an idea into a profitable idea.We will also show you how to win at dieting by exposing some of the easiest traps to fall into.show ... the wayMore than all that, though, he showed Richard the way.The Channel tunnel shows the way.The track forked with no sign to show the way.They fall over themselves to show scum.Trevor-Roper had shown the way in the 1950s: Lawrence Stone emigrated to Princeton to escape his barbs.The Packers show us the way to end the whole thing.Wemmick, Mr Jaggers' clerk, showed me the way to Mr Pocket's rooms.The landlord showed me the way to the railway station and off I went.