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stand-inˈstand-in noun [countable]  1 INSTEADsomeone who does the job or takes the place of someone else for a short time Gilbert failed to find a stand-in and so could not go to the party.2 AMFsomeone who takes the place of an actor for some scenes in a filmstand-in for a stand-in for Tom Cruise stand in at stand1
Examples from the Corpus
stand-inI'd like Tom to act as a stand-in for Julian until he returns to work.Perot claims he is serving as a stand-in for whomever the Reform Party nominates at its Labor Day convention.She told us she has a boyfriend, and that he is acting on the show as a stand-in.You became a stand-in for your boss at parties and meetings.Perot is just a stand-in for whomever the Reform Party nominates for president.Reed had the sewer walls perfumed and used a stand-in when possible.Russell used a stand-in for most of the action scenes.However, Tim Flowers' stand-in was up to the shot and knocked the ball down before gathering at the second attempt.Ms Green couldn't be here today, so I'm her stand-in.Other political figures are immediately obvious: an embittered Jesse Jackson stand-in.We always had a permanent stand-in with Mike around.Ann was Shirley MacLaine's stand-in in the movie.